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4 Books That Can Help You Focus, Prioritize and Manage Your Time

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“I would do ____ but I don’t have the time.” – Liar, liar pants on fire! You do.

Here is what could be causing the issue:

  • you are focused on greed rather than growth
  • you have messed up priorities (or have none whatsoever)
  • you are trying to pull off a Jack/Jill of all trades and master all
  • you are just lazy
Everything Will Be Fine
Are you?









For some of you, this will be just another book review post, a time waster and for others, hopefully, a helpful review.

So, let us begin:

First Things First by Stephen R. Covey

Covey did a pretty good job making you rethink what you value most in your life. This is probably one of the best books ever written when it comes to personal organization.

This book is not just about time management, it’s about balancing your life. With deep insights and practical guidance, it helps you not just with identifying your life priorities but also with keeping them consistent. It’s about good habits.

Covey tells you how to approach almost every aspect of your life in order to manage your time better and create a fruitful life.

The essence of this book is to teach the readers to set their priorities wisely.

It teaches you how to create a whole system to improve your life in general, not just some quick fix formula for improving your work performance.

This book is not the first Covey’s book that I’ve read, but it did have a huge impact on me. It gave me a new perspective on almost everything.

Almost everyone who writes about time management suggests prioritizing but Covey, Merrill, and Merrill dig deep into really answering the hard questions too…

Like… “How to prioritize when it seems impossible to do so?” How to prioritize when everything seems equally important when you are surrounded by overwhelming circumstances.

How to prioritize people that matter to you,

who do you put “first”?

This book will make you think, stay focused and proactive. Covey goes to great lengths to get the readers to take actions.

This book encourages you to develop a personal vision considering the time you spent on every aspect of your life, locate opportunities for improvement, make principle-based decisions and always question and reevaluate what you are doing.

If you are interested in purchasing this book follow this link to Amazon.

Just make sure to skip the Kindle edition, it is missing some very important parts, like charts which are key components.


Time Management from the Inside Out, Second Edition by Julie Morgenstern

I read this book in a day. Morgenstern offers new perspectives when it comes to organizing and managing your life but it all comes down to one question:

“How long will it take me to do that?”

If you are being realistic when telling yourself how much time will it take you to do something it will help you stay on the ground by not putting so many things on your daily to-do list. If you apply her words they can really help you change from a chaotic environment to an orderly life.

She asks her readers to write down their tasks and the estimated time for every one of them.

So I did that.

I timed myself playing with my dog at the park, cleaning the kitchen, writing… And there was a big difference between expected time and actual time.

Julie acknowledges one thing that many authors don’t – distractions and big life changes such as moving, changing jobs, bad breakups et cetera and the way they affect your daily routines and habits.

Unlike some other time management books, this one is easy to read, also, you can literally just pick certain chapters and read them only and still be able to pick up a lot of useful tactics to manage your time.

Julie really helps you see the big picture, to align what you want from your life with realistic expectations and to approach all those actions smartly and strategically.

If you have a very busy life and if you often feel like, at least once a day you can just fall asleep in response to all the stress you are going through on daily basis, then this book might be the right one for you.

You can check out the price if you follow this link to Amazon.


No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Kick Butt Take No Prisoners Guide to Time Productivity and Sanity by Dan S. Kennedy

Now we are talking. Every other book on this subject talks about a unique method to improve your time management but this book will really keep you engaged. My time is managed more effectively and I have this book to thank to.

This book really helps you see how your time in managed so far and if you don’t like it, how to change it and use your time more productively. Even if you are not an entrepreneur, this book is helpful to anyone who has issues with managing day to day task, like to do lists, chores etc. No B.S. offers you great strategies which can be used immediately, in your everyday life.

Many bits of advice may seem way too harsh, but if you really want to change your way of life you have to change your habits, some are easy but again some are very hard to get rid of, but with the strong will, anything is possible, especially when you really want to.

One of those books that you can read over and over again.

I offered this book to many of my friends that thank me for it, it is life changing and it should be in anyone’s read list.
It is very easy to read, not too complicated to understand.
This is a good investment when it comes to getting your time and your life in order.

You can check the prices and order it from Amazon here.

Slipstream Time Hacking: How to Cheat Time, Live More, And Enhance Happiness by Benjamin P. Hardy

Benjamin is one of my favorite psychologists. I’ve been following his posts on Medium for quite a while now. That’s where I found out about him in the first place.

This book inspires and motivates without being sappy like some of the self-help books tend to be. You may not agree with all of Mr. Hardy’s concepts but they will definitely make you think.

He somehow makes you feel that you can do the impossible and explains it to you rationally. You will just love how he writes!

Even though the principles he mentions are nothing new, the way he approaches time management is refreshing, provoking and mind-bending. You will learn how to hack time and be more observant, to speed up your life and remove the distractions. You can learn something from this book whether you are up to making some big life changes or just learning about new perspectives.

After reading this book you will no longer be rigid in your thinking. It makes you feel inclined to do things differently without those crippling thoughts that there is not enough time.

By reading this book I realized how disorganized I actually was by trying to please everyone and fit everything in my schedule, learining to say “No” without feeling bad about it.

Thank you, Benjamin!

You can check out this book on Amazon by following this link.







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