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Best Jobs For People With Social Anxiety

Finding a job you look forward to going can be a big challenge on a day to day basis, but for people with social anxiety, it represents one additional obstacle. Not only is it hard to be among people but all that negative energy just makes it worse. The stress of interviewing can make it difficult to get a job and anxiety can make it difficult to keep jobs.

Often people around us who don’t suffer from social anxiety feel invited to give advice on how you should behave in social interactions or say that you need to calm down, that it is nothing scary, so you should just chill. After which you need to just go and be alone. Please know that you don’t need to feel bad if spending time alone is how you recharge your batteries.

Jobs that are probably most challenging for people who suffer from social anxiety include working directly with people or having to deal with stressful situations, resolving conflict or habituating in big crowds.Jobs For People With Social Anxiety

In some situations, it even helps your social anxiety to challenge yourself step by step to be among people or to step outside of your comfort zone, while in others it can make it worse.


Don’t Let Social Anxiety Dictate Your Choice Of Job

Think of Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, J.K. Rowling, and look at their careers and success. They were all introverts in addition to having anxiety and yet their stories are one of the most inspiring. Bill Gates made an empire, Einstein was one of the greatest minds in the world who had his head up in the space (literally) and often zoned out in classes and even around people. J. K. Rowling loved to sit quietly in libraries and bookstores which are where she also wrote her Harry Potter books.

As you can see people with social anxiety are often suited to particular types of jobs, regardless of their ability to control or contain anxiety. Those jobs involve flexibility and control over the level of social interactions, stress, and risky situations which can naturally enhance anxiety. It is important to remember that choosing a job that has no people around will actually not help your anxiety it will make it worse in the long run, as it will exacerbate your fears. So having the flexibility and freedom to make your own decisions at your own pace, but still be around people, will help you cope better with anxiety and eventually be more successful at what you do, just the same as these big icons were.

So what jobs are those?


Know What to Look For In a Job Description

  • Low-stress levels
  • Quiet surroundings
  • Working individually
  • Limited interactions with people

By finding jobs that include all of these points will help you reach productivity and gain confidence in your skills and competencies. It is often not possible to search for jobs that don’t include even a little bit of stress, so concentrate on jobs that usually depend on your own pace and demands you can have somewhat control over. As group projects and teams often include a lot of interactions, search for the ones where you can concentrate on a task at hand that you can finish alone and in a quiet surrounding.


Scared Woman WIth Social ANxiety



Working independently and from home is becoming more and more popular. So take the opportunity to start working online as you will be able to stay in your comfort zone, indulge yourself in your creativity and not be judged for having some kooky ideas.

Important note: don’t exclude yourself from the society completely. These jobs can be overwhelming also and they can enhance your fears since you close yourself off entirely to outside factors that you learned to cope with before.

Here are some examples of the jobs you can do:

  • Lab analyst
  • Accountant
  • Construction inspector
  • Graphic designer
  • Website developer
  • Writer
  • Painter
  • Dog trainer
  • Counsellor

Important to remember: 

After you find a job of your liking, the important thing is to know how to construct your CV, what information to share and how. Even though it is hard, try and focus on your abilities, not your anxiety.


It is actually a fact that shy and/or quiet people are more trustworthy, focused at a task at hand more than socializing around the office. So use your skills and personality, prepare for the interview so you can land yourself the perfect job that will make you happy and help you cope with anxiety.

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