People start their journeys but press stop way too often or pause along the way because of the external and internal factors involved. From money, problems at home, not having the time, to fear, lack of motivation and laziness.

Here at Aspired Life, we believe all those factors to be true and existent, but not enough of a reason to stop. The rest are just excuses. With us, you will learn how to rewire your brain, organize your time, and you will get to go through a process of growth and re-programming of your usual way of thinking, in order to achieve the life you always wanted.

It has always been easy to tell other people how to live their lives, but it was never easy to help them grow, yet that is exactly what we do by giving support, guidance, and increasing motivation so you can actually do it all yourself.

Our mission is to be the example for growth and development, with regard to personality development, personal and interpersonal skills and competencies and of course full potential. We use multiple techniques from all variations of psychology, consulting, HR management, life and business coaching and even some life lessons that you can incorporate to help your growth.

Korana Lajter

My name is Korana Lajter and I am passionate about helping people tap into their full potential.

I am the co-owner and writer of this website.

I am a Business Coach providing support to the employees and entrepreneurs towards helping them realign their values and goals.

I have a Bachelor degree in Business Psychology which includes HR management, HR consulting and Career Coaching and I also have a Masters degree in Psychology and Psychotherapy.

Inspired to help you make results-driven life changes.

Aleksandra Popovic

Co-owner. Growth hacker. Entrepreneur. Building better habits.

Habitual line stepper. Content Writer.

Jill of all trades, and possibly master of some.

Rick and Morty fan.

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What our clients say:

Aleksandra's work with our organization has been excellent and very well received. She managed to handle the issues that came up during the meetings with efficiency and success, had many innovative ideas of how we can enhance our team’s responsiveness and better assertive communication within customer support.

Danielle Doyle
Sales Director

I have had the opportunity to engage the services of Aspired Life and what I came to find was a hardworking, motivated duo of young people hungry for success. The HR consulting support we received in dealing with employee communication issues included briefings and reports before and after the meetings, without us asking for them. I highly recommend Aspired Life, without any reservations in all tasks that include HR consulting.

Michael Wronsky
Business Manager

I have been a freelance web developer working from a studio apartment for years now. Over those years I developed serious social anxiety issues. Korana and Aleksandra managed to help immeasurably! I can finally talk to real people without stuttering and avoiding eye contact!

Brad Lewis
Web Developer

Having the chance of talking to Korana about anxiety helped me gain a bit of control during feelings of panic. Before that, all I felt was fear that I wouldn’t be able to function the way I did before my panic attacks started.

Julie Woods
Stay-at-Home Mom
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